About Judith Sweet

Judith is well known in the food scene in Tasmania. She has a passion for sharing what she knows About Food. After more than 30 years of teaching, television programs, writing, consulting, recipe development and event organising Judith is still searching out new flavours new ingredients and developing recipes.

Judith believes that cooking from the heart is the undefinable ingredient that provides a dimension beyond just nourishment: it can feed the soul. “When I saw how many Italians care about their food – how they grow it, how they prepare it, talk about it and share it, I wanted to be a part of that passion.
So I studied Italian regional cuisine in Tuscany, Sicily, Venice, Puglia and the Amalfi Coast.”

You can find Judith’s weekly column 'Eating In' in The Mercury, Tasmania’s major daily newspaper. You can also hear Judith on ABC Radio in regular talkback programs such as Annie Warburton’s Statewide Nights .

If you are a visitor at the Taste of Tasmania, held during the Hobart Summer Festival each December and January, you will encounter Judith in her role as Food Coordinator. She has been in charge of such prestigious events as Opera and the Ocean, the annual Four Hats Gala Dinner and Lord Mayor’s Salmon Dish. And she represented Tasmania at Tasting Australia, the biennial national food event in Adelaide. At The Taste, Judith runs the Top of the Taste, the Food and Wine Theatre and works with the interstate and international food judges who visit.

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Judith is the Tasmanian convenor of Slow Food.